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Activiti Liferay Plugin released

 Today I'm happy to announce new version of activiti plugin and make small review of last things happens in the project:

  • Oliver Teichmann from Prodyna AG has joined the project;
  • Switched to Activiti 5.5;
  • We added support for Goovy. As well as wiki-page with short description of how to use scripting in activiti processes added;
  • Our plugin started to use activiti table to store comments (added in activiti 5.4) - so, it should simplify comments sharing between different systems used same activiti engine;
  • Also to simplify integration we added another strategy to store users information in activiti DB, read wiki for more details;
  • New workflow samples added:
  • and of course fixed several bugs.

As always you can download new version from Files page.

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Great work..! This plugin has provided a great option of Activiti Workflow.
When we will be able to see EmForge Portal using activiti-liferay plugin??


Posted on 5/17/11 9:38 AM.

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