This project is developed by EmDev Limited and distributed under LGPL License and designed to replace default kaleo workflow engine in Liferay with model, powerful, BPMN2 based Activiti workflow engine.

As result it allows users to use BPMN2 based workflows to manage publication processes in Liferay.

 You can read how to use Activiti Plugin for BPMN2 workflows in Liferay in our small tutorial.


Current Status

In the latest release (,, & this plugin has most API, used in Liferay Workflow UI implemented. That means, you can use activiti workflow engine instead of kaleo with very minor limitations (sorting by dueDate is not working in some tables).

Rest API (not used in Workflow UI) is partially implemented - we will done it's implementation later.


For Liferay 6.1.1 CE+ / 6.1.20 EE+  and 6.2.0 CE+ / 6.2.10 EE+ plugin available from Liferay Marketplace.

For Older versions of Liferay you can download from the Files Area

Latest version:


Initially project started by Alexey Kakunin from EmDev Limited (and other EmDev employees). Other people joined project later:


Please use our Forum if you are interested in the project and have any comments or suggestions

Activiti Liferay Integration

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