Synhronize forked Liferay github repository
 Sometime ago I've made fork for Liferay repository on github - to perform own fixes and sent them into Liferay via "Pull Requests" (looks like a most comfortable way to send fixes for Liferay). But after some days - I've met problem - my forked repository stay out-of-dated. So, I need to find a way to resync it back to keep my forked repository up-to-dated with changes done in...
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Edit your assets from workflow tasks
 It is separate story how to implement own assets in Liferay, I will try to explain it is in separate post (or tutorial). Today I've spent some time on quite specific problem. Lets imagine: You are implementing own Asset; And you like this Asset to be processed by workflows (added WorkflowHander for your asset); And you want to be able to edit your asset from task-form (so, for example...
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Use jQuery in Liferay 6 portlets
 Just few tips how to use some jQuery UI (like autocomplete) in Liferay 6 portlets: 1. Add jQuery into your portlet - put into portlet definition in liferay-portlet.xml lines like: <header-portlet-javascript></header-portlet-javascript>...
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Control visibility of portlets
 In Liferay, you can setup individual access permissions for each portlet. It is doing by admin (or user allowed to change page layout) via Confogire -> Permissions. Main problem (at least for me) is - if you will (for example) disable VIEW permission for Guest user (anonymous) - anonymous users will see something like: Not very nice, right? Much more expectable just to do not...
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Liferay 6.0.6 on Amazon EC2
Today I've released images for Amazon EC2 with Liferay 6.0.6. For now only 32 bits images for EU and US are released. Please tell me if you need 64 bit or images for other regions. Images Info region arch root store ami   us-east-1 32bit ebs ami-d6748dbf   us-east-1 32bit instance ...
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