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Liferay + CMIS: do not expect too much

Today I was able to play with Liferay and CMIS to configure document library to store files in Alfresco.

First of all - it works. But... it is quite useless.

CMIS is a general ECM API - it supports many things - files and folders (of course), metadata, versioning, access-rights and many many more.

I've did not excepted access-rights synhronization between Liferay & Alfresco (to implement it you need at least synhronize somehow users, roles and permissions) - but I hoped to have in Alfresco same file structure as in Liferay's document library (with versioning support).

But thing is - Liferay used CMISHook (it grows from Liferay architecture - there exactly in document library this hook is used) to store only content of files. Whole metadata: names, descriptions, versions, folders and so on and so on - stored in Liferay DB - file-hooks used only to store content in own format (mean own folder structure).

As result - yes, files stored in Alfresco - but you will get many folders and files with only numbers as names - and no anyone additional metainformation. You will not able to do anything with them from Alfresco. Very good usage of such powerful tool like Alfresco - right?

UPDATE: Just found issue in Liferay JIRA - Raj Dee said exactly what I wanted to say: "From an architectural point of view I can see why this was done, but this is something one cannot explain to end-users"

Interesting thing - this issue marked as fixed in 6.1 - it is really interesting - if it so - 6.1 will have at least 1 really great feature (using of nice Liferay Document Library portlet on top of powerful ECM system).

I will try to get last trunk to see how it works now and write another blog


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