Spanish translation added
I want to say big thank you to Jordi Torné - we added Spanish translation. Now EmForge supported 5 languages! Contact me if you like to add support for your language in EmForge.
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New Bug-Fixing Version released
After long time of silence I'm happy to announce new version of EmForge. In this versino we fixed few bugs with page layouts in user home pages - now it should looks better. Also we added ability to filter activities - user may filter activities on own home and projects pages.
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EmForge Moved to new Hardware
Dear EmForge Users! We just completed migration to new hardware - now we have much faster servers and hope EmForge will most much faster for you!   Happy EmForging!
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EmForge on Google Apps Marketplace
In the beginning of March Google Launched it's Marketplace for applications, integrated with Google Apps. Via this Marketplace, Domain Administrator may now add new applications, integrated with Google Apps and extended functionality, available for Google Apps Users. And today I'm happy to announce EmForge Portal on Google Apps Marketplace! Integration for now very simple...
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Files tool to share binary releases
Hi! Last week we started to get responses from users via User Voice service, and today I'm happy to announce first request completed. Now, each project hosted in EmForge has "Files" tooll. This tool (placed on separate page) allowed users to keep files (like ibnary releases of project) with description, organize them into folders. There are many additional nice featues like:...
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