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EmForge Portal Beta Released

Today I'm happy to announce EmForge Portal Beta Release!

Starting from today it is allowed to any registered users to host own projects on

As project hosting service we provide wide set of tools:

  1. Task Management;
  2. Time Tracking;
  3. Wiki;
  4. Blogs;
  5. Forums;
  6. SVN Browser (for now it allow only to browse some external svn repository - SVN hosting service coming soon).

With EmForge you can manage both Open (visible for anyone) and Private (visible only for project members) projects.

Beta Stage

We tried to make our services as simple to use as possible. Since not all functionality 100% finished - we are in Beta-Stage. What means, sometimes Portal may work unstable or have some bugs - we will try to resolve all issues as fast as possible.

For us also very important to get your responses - for any problem you meet, as well as for any functionality we need to improve or add. First of all - we want to make Portal be very comfortable to use.

Our plan for Beta-Stage is up to 6 months.

How much does it cost?

During beta-stage all services provided by EmForge Portal are free. After completing beta-testing:

  • All Open (Open-Source) projects will be hosted for free;
  • Small/Personal projects (up to 2 members) will be hosted for free;
  • For other projects price will be started from $5 for project per month - we will try to make it very competitive comparing to other services;
  • All projects registered during Beta-period will get a discount - first 12 months of hosting for free!

What features coming next?

We have many plans. Some of them we will implement in nearest time:

  • Subversion hosting (probably Git or Mercurial will be added later);
  • Close Integration with Google services and other Social nets (Facebook, LinkedIn, Friends Connect);
  • Task Collector - to collect tasks from other sources;

If you like to see something else - we will be happy to see any your response in our forum.

Join to our Open Source Project

EmForge Portal - is open source project. It is hosted on itself ( and all it's sources available at SVN ( under LGPL License.

What means - you can install same Project Hosting software in your local environment (if by some reasons - like security - you cannot use services). Installing own copy not so easy as simple use services on - it is required expereince in Liferay Portal and general J2EE development.

If you like - you can improve EmForge Portal - we will be happy to new members and contributors!

How to start?

To start use EmForge Portal services you need login or register new account, and simple create new project.

Happy EmForging!

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