Task On CC is a new way to manage tasks within email client.

Users already used emails for communication, tasks creation/assignment/discussion. No needs n additional tools. Or, at least any additional tool should take minimal effort from user. Ideally - task management tool should be integrated into email program.

In TaskOn.cc project it will be reached by several ways:

  1. Sending emails to special addresses/placing special addresses on CC (will be done automatically by reply all) to create task and keep all conversation related to task in one place;
  2. Writting sidebar widget for GMail (as soon as gmail one of the preferred email client) to easy get list of current tasks and info about them;
  3. Writting browser plugin for GMail with extended functinality (like etacs do) to display task specific information in email itself;
  4. Writting plugins for other email clients

 One of the main competitor - remember the milk (http://www.rememberthemilk.com) - but, it looks liek more ToDo (but also concentrated on simplicity  of managing todos). One of important thing in TaskOn.cc - keeping conversation about task done by email connected with task (via placing address on cc)

Task On CC

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